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مرحبا بكم ب Visitandcare

VisitandCare.com was created to give individuals worldwide valued direction locating a doctor, obtain free medical treatment quotes, and uncover affordable medical treatments at destinations of their choice.

Improving Patients Lives. The company provides access to exclusive doctors and hospitals who specialize in infertility, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery, heart surgery and cancer care. Patients are matched with devoted multilingual patient facilitators and provided tangible connections to doctors worldwide.

Promoting Your Healthcare Brand. For the ultimate connection between the healthcare industry and patients worldwide, the company delivers an unrivaled commitment to create sustained value for medical partners. Contact us to see if you are eligible to become a partner of our exclusive network.

Having Options Means Having Choices. Our executive team is here to address all of your questions and concerns. No obligation — free of charge. We exceedingly value the prominence of medical treatments and the enormous impact it has on your life.


Affordability is our Second Heartbeat.

As you contemplate your options in an overpriced, over strained healthcare environment, we continually are seeking alternatives to expensive and overwhelming treatments — either for ourselves or someone close to us. It is important to take time to become well-versed about the ever-changing global shift in our healthcare world as you will be immensely astounded by the increasing amount of affordable, first-class, accredited medical options abroad. With unfathomable discounts and well-informed patients — VisitandCare.com is creating affordable medical treatments abroad.

The clinics and hospitals in our network save you anywhere between 40-80% of the cost, whether you are uninsured, under-insured, or simply seeking elective care. We primarily focus on medical treatments abroad for dentistry, infertility, surrogacy, plastic surgery, eye surgery, hair transplantation, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, organ transplantation, and heart surgery.

Quality and Integrity Drives Our Success.

Medical hospitals and clinics abroad equal or exceed the high quality of those found in the United States, Canada, and the UK — all without compromising on quality. Governments of these countries have significantly revamped and spent billions of dollars to improve the healthcare substructures, which are aggressively catering to medical tourism.

Here at VisitandCare.com, we proudly absorb a select concentrate of highly-trained medical professionals that can give you the precise, honest and superior medical treatment you need.

Patient Convenience is Paramount.

Confronting increasingly expensive choices and filtering the demanding trend that has spawned an entire industry is our commitment to you. VisitandCare.com is here to make life easier on you by offering excellent treatment options in superlative facilities at costs far lower than ever imagined.

We are devoted to educating you and managing your treatment from the very first step as quickly and efficiently as possible. With locations throughout the globe, VisitandCare.com gives patients the convenient option to travel abroad or stay close to home.


Our service is absolutely Free of Charge. We could never put on price on your well-being. Our services have no strings attached. Arranging your medical treatment appointments and surgeries through VisitandCare.com will not cost you a penny. Our team is standing by to assist you as quickly and comfortably as possible.


VisitandCare.com is an internet-based medical referral agency. We assist individuals seeking medical treatment to find doctors and hospitals that offer more affordable price.

What Does Medical Tourism Mean for You, the Patient?

Prominently growing, VisitandCare.com, continues to maintain the highest standards for you — the patient. With hospitals and clinics throughout the world, our company helps inform you of the benefits of medical tourism. We further educate you on each doctor and their location before you make a critical decision, including the necessary information for your treatment abroad (costs of your treatment, travel recommendations, visa information and the laws and regulations for the destination that you wish to receive treatment).

We value resilient communication and encourage our patients to establish a long-lasting relationship with us and their doctor. Our clinics and hospitals consist of internationally accredited, state-of-the-art facilities that utilize the most advanced medical technologies in the world.

Our Services Include: 

  • Treatment Education - Become educated on a full array of treatment options.
  • Patient/Doctor Coordination
  • Access to Resume of Doctors and Specialists
  • Follow-Up Care – From Home.
  • Healthcare education without leaving familiar environment.
  • Lifts financial burdens and saves valuable time
  • Opportune second opinions. 
  • Access to advanced methods of treatment.
  • Trending Information to Save your Life!


Millions of individuals around the globe use the Internet for healthcare educational purposes. Besides providing basic information the Internet provides value added service. The Internet undoubtedly drives the development for patient/doctor communication.

Partnering your clinic with VisitandCare.com gives you the opportunity to reach patients, upscale your infrastructure, and succeed in wide spread change. VisitandCare.com plays an innovative role in restyling your ability to make these worldwide changes in medical tourism and patients’ lives.

Healthcare Professionals — Ask yourself the following Questions:

  • How can I modernize my outreach to patients?
  • How can I control my ability to serve patients?
  • How can I reach multitudes of starving patients in an easy and efficient way?


How Can We Help You Attain Professional and Personal Rewards?

  • Magnify Practice Online and Reach Online Patients
  • Assist Larger, Unprivileged Population 
  • Time Savings Under our Coordination 
  • Quality Referrals
  • Save More Patients Lives
  • Outsourced- Multilingual Patient Coordinators who assist your Patients.

If you expand your service online or brand your services through VisitandCare.com it attracts more patients. It will increase your flow for medical tourism and ultimately reduce patients’ expenses. This utmost assurance is very noteworthy to patients.

Here at VisitandCare.com, we understand that medical tourism can be a strange and intimidating concept. Let us answer your questions, address your concerns, and link you to the appropriate doctor or specialists. We are committed to carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that define our company. As health care costs are persistently on the rise, you may find yourself struggling with an inconvenient, excessively expensive healthcare system and an escalating absence of treatment choices — VisitandCare.com is the right place for you.

What impact has VisitandCare.com had on the Medical Tourism Industry?

As we continually grow and actively engage in patients’ lives all over the world, our objective remains firm. We exceedingly value the prominence of medical treatments and the enormous impact it clinches on your life. Having options means having choices. It is not up for debate… We never put a price tag on your well-being. No Strings Attached. Guaranteed.

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